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"Muddy Publishing will help to transform your ideas into reality."

Digital & Traditional Illustration

Matt has over 18 years of professional experience creating fresh, exciting, digital or traditional illustration for a broad selection of clients ranging from the BBC to British Waterways. Projects include images for children's books, character designs for whiteboard productions and educational drawings for websites.

Games & and Activities

Games, activities and animation are a great way to to reward and engage your target audience. How about sending a game as your christmas card or integrating a fun activity into your existing website?

E-learning & Education

E-learning offers huge opportunities to improve access and engage your target audience. We have experience of developing e-learning artefacts for wide range of users from Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 children through to life-long learners. Our goal is to make learning exciting engaging and most of all fun!

Visitor Maps & Interpretation

We love the challenge of interpreting information to make it more usable and fun; this could include imaginative family trails and activities or an engaging visitor map design. We produced a range of interactive family maps for The Royal Collection Trust suitable for mobile devices.

HTML5 Web Applications

As an alternative to the development of native mobile apps, Muddy Publishing offers the creation of cross platform web-apps, which are built in HTML5, canvas and CSS3. These have the benefit of not being device or OS dependent. A web-app can run on almost any platform within a modern, standards-compliant web browser.

Museum & Gallery Interactives

Do you want to make a particular topic or theme accessible to a new, wider audience? We work closely with the client to discover the learning outcomes and to produce a fun and informative product which inspires and delights the user. We have also developed 'on-site' gallery touch-screens based upon the original online projects.