Map Design Services

Sensory Map Design for Dorothy Clive Gardens

Accessibility Map and Brochure

As a celebration of their 60th Anniversary, The Dorothy Clive Garden commissioned Muddy Publishing to produce a sensory, discovery map to enhance accessibility to a wider range of visitors. The vibrant and user-friendly map has been installed as stand-alone orientation signage at various points around the garden and, as seen below, forms the reverse side of a special anniversary brochure also designed by Muddy Publishing.

Anniversary brochure design
Sensory and discovery map design

Accessibility Map and Brochure

Collaborating and consulting with a local accessibility group, we worked to develop designs, visuals and content that would be more inclusive and more accessible to a wider range of visitors and groups. Our particular focus was the needs of visitors with autism spectrum conditions who would like prior knowledge of sensory experiences at the Dorothy Clive Garden.
Acting as a downloadable website resource we created an advanced access map containing key sensory elements, clear labeling and the identification of an easy access route around the pathways.

Advanced access map identifying sensory experiences to visitors with learning disabilities and autism spectrum conditions

Autism friendly advanced access map
Identifying sensory experiences around the garden.