The Ghost Ship Mary Celeste: Sophia Slewfoot Solves History’s Mysteries



Sophia Slewfoot Solves History’s Mysteries: The Ghost Ship Mary Celeste

Written by Marie-Louise Gregory

Illustrated by Nicky Brooks

A mystery-solving adventure story, perfect for readers aged between 7 and 11 years


Number of pages: 89

Dimensions: 128 x 198mm


History fan Sophia Slewfoot is a budding amateur detective who loves nothing more than curling up with a good whodunnit or, even better, finding a real life mystery to unravel. Join Sophia, her best friend Betty and her beloved Beagle Toby, as they embark on amazing adventures to solve some of the many mysteries which, throughout history and even to this day, have otherwise remained unexplained…

Sophia Slewfoot is an ordinary ten year old girl, but today is not an ordinary day. Today is the day that Sophia makes an extraordinary discovery which catapults her into a world of excitement, intrigue, adventure and mystique.

What happened to the Victorian ghost ship, the Mary Celeste? Was it magic or malevolence of some kind which caused the crew to disappear? Can Sophia solve the mystery that has baffled some of the world’s greatest minds over the last century? Can she somehow even save the day?!

Delve into myth, legend, fact and more than a little fiction, to accompany Sophia on the very first of her history’s mystery-solving missions.

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