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The Recover the Wreck educational and learning resource Pack was designed to support the temporary Postal Museum exhibition: ‘Voices from the Deep’ revealing the story of sunken letters recently recovered from a World War II shipwreck.
The Postal Museum commissioned us to to develop, write and design a suite of KS2 educational resources based on the themes of: the SS Gairsoppa (its voyage and sinking); the voices from the letters (War, Peace, Love and Faith) and the salvage/aftermath. It was also imperative that the educational resource pack had a strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) focus.
This pack consisted of 4 British Science Association accredited challenges (within an 18 page printable booklet), teachers notes (including curriculum guidance), complimentary PowerPoint presentations and an engaging animated short film which can be used in the classroom as an introduction to the work unit.

The teachers resource pack and presentation can be downloaded in full via the links below:

Resources Pack PDF (18MB)

PowerPoint Presentation 1 ‘Make an Impact’ (24MB)

PowerPoint Presentation 2 ‘Deep-sea Tasks (31MB)

PowerPoint Presentation 3 ‘Extreme Habitats’ (16MB)

PowerPoint Presentation 4 ‘Up from the Deep’ (32MB)
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