Educational Resource Design

The Royal Collection Trust

Over our ten years of business we have created numerous online learning interactives for the Royal Collection Trust. Each resource was designed to support a specific exhibition or event held at one of the Royal Collection venues and mapped carefully to the clients desired learning outcomes.

The e-learning applications offer schools and families an excellent way to prepare for a visit one of the royal locations and are also a great resource to use after a visit to encourage deeper learning and to feed a desire to find out more. Equally they can be used in a standalone format to support KS 1 to KS 3 students, naturally improving outreach for the venue.

Bring on the Battle

This resource was developed specifically for Windsor Castle and was developed to explain more about the attack and defence of one of the oldest castles in the world. It features key historical characters and provides the opportunity to find out who built the castle and why. The resource fits nicely with the curriculum topics of Queen Victoria and castles.


Windsor Castle Attack and Defence



Face Facts

Face Facts teaches children and families about the observational rules that Leonardo da Vinci used when drawing the head and face. These techniques are still applied by artists today. The resources offers an introduction to drawing the proportions of the face in an easy to use interface and is suitable for use on mobile devices and desktop devices.