Exhibition Graphic Design

Wall and Floor Graphics – Venice Biennale

We worked alongside Prof. Insook Choi, Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology at Salford University, to produce a range of visual interpretation graphics for the ‘Touch Crescent Moons’ exhibition, Venice Biennale 2019, (11 May – 24 November, 2019).

The Touch Crescent Moons exhibition is an interactive media artwork inspired by the synthesis of key elements involved in the creation of traditional Korean Dahl Hangari’s (Moon Jars). This heroic process of born ceramics is an intriguing and immersive experience involving themes of Earth, Fire, Water, Wood and Iron.

Muddy Publishing worked carefully with the artist and exhibition producer to develop a wall graphic of epic proportions. This infographic is displayed within the gallery space to provide narrative interpretation for the exhibit paying homage to linear and nonlinear story techniques.

Exhibition infographic
Wall graphic for the ‘Touch Crescent Moon’ exhibition by Insook Choi

We developed a large floor graphic which was printed onto pvc and configured as a Yin-Yang shape to follow the exhibition movement path. Six touch stations were placed along the path, each representing a stage of the ceramic making process.

Touch crescent moons exhibition graphics